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In the tiny English town of Whingewyth, elderly Esmeralda Fortescue has disappeared without a trace from her stately manor house. After months of searching, the mystery continues to baffle the local police inspector.

But when Esmeralda’s precocious, 10-year-old granddaughter, Matilda, arrives in town, it doesn’t take long before she senses that something strange may be afoot: the twisty corridors of the manor house, dense forest and shifty townsfolk are filled to bursting with secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Along the way, Matilda will come face-to-face with a series of sinister spinsters, peculiar puzzles and a sarcastic dolly knapsack that will test the limits of our little heroine’s abilities.

With a unique cast of characters, a generous dose of magic, and beautiful illustrations that bring the story to vivid life, Matilda’s first adventure will keep you enthralled and enchanted until the very end!

This is a 200 page chapter book for ages 12+ with one illustration per chapter.


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Ventolin Hfa Generic Inhaler >> Great price, EXPRESS shipping

Ventolin Hfa Generic Inhaler
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